Sheep Wool Shearing Machine Sheep Shears Goat Hair Cutting Machine Hair Clipper 690W clipper sheep trimmer


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Product Description



  1. the use of domestic high-quality «beiyuan » blade, have been used for six years. 
  2. China’s most high-end gears, bearings.warranty 6 months;
  3. high-quality motor,warranty 6 months.220-degree heat and enameled wire; 
  4. Blow-box packaging;
  5. high-quality silver contact switch;
  6. speed control.You can use 100,000 times;
  7. Chassis:design and manufacturing by our company, with the mported materials to ensure product high temperature deformation. Effective anti-wrestling; 
  8. Designed to prevent inhalation of wool, to protect the motor. 
  9. About screw,we use black color,quality is better than ordinary(you can see it in picture.)11102116644_1508216434.jpg11102119671_1508216434.jpg11102134130_1508216434.jpg11070486560_1508216434.jpg11102107844_1508216434.jpg11131805501_1508216434.jpg11131817345_1508216434.jpg

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