3 Flavor Soft Ice Cream Maker Frozen Yogurt Machine 18L/H LCD Display


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3 Flavor Soft Ice Cream Machine



Note: how to use 

  • When you receive the machine, please place it for 8 hours before use. This action can prevent the freezing oil in the compressor from going into the tube which may damage the compressor and impact the cooling effect.
  • Please ensure there are at least 50cm/20inch spaces on each side of the machine while using. 
  • Please fill it up with water and clean it up before use, because every machine have been tested before they go out.
  • Always ensure there are material in both containers while using, the motor is easy to be damaged when either of the container is empty.
  • After work, please stop the machine and press the «clean» button, take out and put the remaining material in refrigerator for next day use, then pour in water and let it clean for 3-5 minutes. 
  • If the machine is being used frequently, please open the back cover and lubricate the chain regularly for maintenance.


Product Description

     In hot summer, most people want to have some ice cream. With appealing look, delicious taste and the great effect of reducing heat, they are no doubt most people’s favorite in summer, even in winter. We offer you this Soft Ice Cream Machine, constructed of two food grade hoppers, it can be used to make three flavors of ice cream, including two single flavors and one mix flavor with stunning mix color. Made of stainless steel material, our product is durable, fastness, safe and easy to clean. What’s more, thanks to it’s desktop design and small volume, you can put it on your table and have no need to worry about taking too much spaces. Ice cream made by our machine tastes crispy and tender and has a high puffing rate. Don’t hesitate, buy one and put it in your shop or wherever you need, it will definitely catch people’s eyes.


      There’s one thing you need to know that this type of 2+1 mix flavors soft serve ice cream maker machines are all tested when being produced, so you need to clean your machines before using.

Technical data


  • Material: food-grade stainless steel
  • Feature: 2 + 1 mix flavors
  • Power: 1200W
  • Production: 18L/H / 4.75Gallon/H
  • Size: 550x420x760mm / 29.9″ x 22.6″ x 16.7″
  • Voltage: 110V
  • Weight: 69kg / 152.11lb


Product features



Good quality and easy to operate and clean

Two flavors + one mix design(the most popular design in the world)

High & low voltage protection and warning device (components of ice cream machines can be protected and users can be reminded.)

The shell is made of stainless steel and color spraying material, beautiful appearance
The microcomputer control, LED display, can be adjusted according to the hardness
Fast refrigeration, 4 powerful frozen evaporator, low temperature, good effect, high efficiency
High force beater motor
Top micro computerized controlling board, edible standard silica gel seals and patented stainless steel evaporator and professional CPU
Lower noise
Low voltage and high currency protection system
Customized panel design to make its operation similar to house appliance
With durable color coated board
Informative and noticeable LED indicator
Low power consumption
Cone counting system
Low mix and standby function
Sixteen shift for hardness and softness alteration
Numerical speed control, formation ratio indicating and formation.


  • 1X Ice cream maker machine
  • 1X English introduction

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